Douluo: Housewife Bibi Dong, two-way redemption!

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[Two-way redemption + affectionate devotion + sweet pet + high sugar + decisive killing! 】

[This book is also called: Douluo: Unparalleled! 】

Jiang Chen, who had an innate sword body, was supposed to be the favorite son of the Sword Sect, but the sword bone was extracted by the son of the leader of the Sword Sect, and the sword body was destroyed.

A blessing in disguise, he awakened Kenshin and was trained by him using secret techniques to become an emotionless killer.

Before he died, his painful, sad and confused life finally ended.

When Jiang Chen opened his eyes again, he came to the strange world of Douluo Continent.

Jiang Chen, who was reborn in Douluo Continent, lost all his cultivation and became a slave.

In confusion, he encountered the faith that changed his life and gave him a new life.

“Don’t give up! ”

“Here you go, give you half the steamed bun! ”

“My name is Bibi Dong, what’s your name? ”

Looking at the dirty little hand holding half a piece of steamed bun in front of him, Jiang Chen raised his eyes and looked at the bright smile on the other person’s face.

At that moment, this little girl named Bibi Dong became the light that illuminated his confused world and the faith in his heart!

… …

Jiang Chen: “My wife Bibi Dong is the most beautiful woman in the world! ”

Jiang Chen’s Creed 1: Anyone who touches Dong’er will die!

Jiang Chen’s Creed 2: Dong’er is always right!

Jiang Chen’s Creed Three: If it’s not right, please follow the second one!

Bibi Dong: “My husband Jiang Chen is unparalleled and the best in the world! ”

Bibi Dong’s Creed 1: Anyone who offends the husband will die!

Bibi Dong’s Creed 2: Husbands are always right!

Bibi Dong’s Creed Three: If it’s not right, please follow the second one!

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