Douluo: Disaster Poison Body, revenge Qian Renxue at the beginning

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[Decisive Killing] + [Tulle Bibi Dong] + [Trampling Master]

Traveling across the Douluo Continent, he became Xue Qinghe, the crown prince of the Tiandou Empire.

Knowing that he would die at the hands of Qian Renxue in the future, Xue Qinghe worked hard to become stronger since he was a child.

But by chance, he rescued Miss Xue’er, who was seriously injured and dying, and was given the pseudonym Qian Renxue.

Seeing that Miss Xueer’s life was pitiful, Xue Qinghe felt pity for her and kept her by his side as a maid.

Miss Xue’er’s beauty, gentleness and thoughtfulness made Xue Qinghe quickly immersed in the land of gentleness and completely fell in love with her.

Even despite Emperor Xue Ye’s obstruction, he wanted to marry Qian Renxue as his crown princess.

But on the night when the two got married, Xue Qinghe fell into a coma after drinking a glass of wine.

When he woke up, he had fallen into the hands of Bibi Dong, who brutally broke his limbs, destroyed his cultivation, and was poisoned by the extremely terrifying death spider poison. Finally, he was thrown into a mass grave by the Wuhun Palace.

Just when Xue Qinghe was waiting for death in despair, the death spider poison in his body activated the hidden disaster poison body.

The Poisonous Body is a god-given divine body. As long as it swallows the poison, its cultivation level can be infinitely improved.

With the help of the Ernan Poison Body, Xue Qinghe’s strength increased rapidly, and he became a level 96 titled Douluo in just twenty years.

On the day of the Tiandou Palace Transformation, Xue Qinghe returned to the Tiandou Empire domineeringly.

“Xue’er, I’m back. ”

“Twenty years ago you betrayed me. Twenty years later, I will personally destroy everything you manage. ”

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