Douluo: Body of the Most Evil, Martial Soul Dark Demon Evil God Tiger

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(The new book “Douluo: The Beginning Makes Xiao Wu Black, Retires Tang San”, there is a direct train on the author’s homepage. ) Chu Feng crossed the Douluo Continent, became the body of the most evil, awakened the god-level martial soul Dark Demon Evil God Tiger, activated the resurrection system, and can be resurrected infinitely.

“Ding! The host is killed and revived for the first time. The gifted soul skill Evil Soul Transformation is rewarded. It can be used without soul power and soul ring. It can convert the soul of any soul master or soul beast who is unable to act or is voluntary into an evil soul, and obey the host’s order. ”

Chu Feng transformed Xiao Wu’s soul into an evil soul, and let Xiao Wu personally injure Tang San severely, and used Xiao Wu to force Da Ming and Er Ming to sacrifice himself to become his soul ring.

Chu Feng: “Tang San, do you want to save Xiao Wu? Come and kill me if you want to. Can you win? It doesn’t matter, go and call your dad. Is your dad coming? Your newly resurrected mother is here with me. Let’s see if he comes or not? ”

Tang Hao: “Where the hell is this pervert, he died and resurrected, and he is getting stronger and stronger. I will kill you again and I will take your surname. ”

He created the Evil God Temple, converted Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong, Liu Erlong, Ayin, Bibidong… and other soul masters into evil souls, dominated the Douluo universe, conquered the heavens and all worlds, and became the strongest evil god.

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