Douluo: After transforming into a soul beast, I will roll inward to save my life

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[Opposing Wuhundian and not joining the protagonist group, if I have to say where I stand, it should be the Four Elements Academy’s stand]

“Li” from another world accidentally came to Douluo Continent and coexisted in the same body as “Nanli”, a 10-year-old soul beast.

There are two major soul beast groups on Yaori Island: Flame Feather Bird and Xumi Raven.

The two tribes ushered in powerful descendants who returned to their ancestors, but the ensuing crisis of genocide broke the peace of Yaori Island.

The patriarchs of the two clans have entered a period of weakness at the same time. Without the protection of the gods, the demon shark covets the holy land, the Wuhun Palace hunts for soul rings and soul bones, and the sworn enemy has made a comeback…

The elders and young clan leaders of the two clans died and disappeared one after another. The battle with Wuhun Palace almost destroyed half of Yaori Island.

Are soul beasts that are not favored by the gods destined to perish?

The soul beast turns into a human and knocks at the gate of heaven.

But everything is not that simple. The descendant of the angel named Qian Renxue seems to know everything that will happen in the future. Xiaoxue and Ali are destined to be enemies!

The protagonists are in a group and suffer from rejection. Nanli: I am too lazy to criticize you.

[Originally I wanted to set up a male protagonist, but after shaping the characters, I decided to forget it and just be sisters (it was a bit late to appear) , so there is no male protagonist]

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