Doom: I have a fortress and an army of puppets!

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Su Chen resigned and returned to the small county town. He received a call from Qingmei, telling him that the end was coming and asking him to hoard supplies and not go out.

Others didn’t believe it, but he was different. After he hung up the phone, he took out a small loan, bought a large amount of food, drinking water, various steels, weapons, and decorated a small country villa.

The next day, blood rain covered the world.


Countless living people have turned into zombies, evil spirits are breeding, and evil beasts are rampant.

“The day of change is coming. ”

Su Chen activated the fortress, created puppet guards, collected materials, continuously upgraded the fortress, and created a puppet army.

When the awakened transcendent had not taken a shower for three days and was still risking his life to collect supplies at a convenience store, Su Chen was leading the second-level puppet guards to loot large supermarkets and use large buckets of pure water for bathing.

When the extraordinary organization was still rejoicing in hunting down a high-level evil beast, Su Chen stepped on the head of the lord-level evil beast and was wondering where to tie the dog’s chain.

When the top extraordinary ones found their way to the top, Su Chen had already stood on the peak, accompanied by a group of terrifying extraordinary guards, and a sky fortress like a floating island, which could not be taken down by a tide of hundreds of millions of corpses.

(This book is also called: Su Gogou’s Doomsday Adventure, Doomsday Lord Su Gogou’s Growth Diary. )

[Zombie apocalypse, gradually escalating, weird apocalypse, evil beast apocalypse, invading the world of purgatory]

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