Don’t disturb me who is dying, I just want to leave quietly

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Story of: Don’t disturb me who is dying, I just want to leave quietly

“Jiang Yuan, think about it carefully. Even if it can’t be cured, it can extend your life by three years if you do chemotherapy! ” “Doctor, I want to ask, how long do I have left without chemotherapy? ” “Three months to six months! “Thank you doctor, please prescribe some painkillers for me. I won’t do chemotherapy! ” “Why? You are still young, and medical technology is developing rapidly. There may be a breakthrough in three years! ” Jiang Yuan shook his head, very calm. Very calmly: “I’m afraid that when I see my grandpa again in three years, he won’t recognize me with my hair gone. I don’t want my grandpa to see that I have suffered too much in this world. I’m afraid that he will be distressed! ” The doctor persuaded with a moved expression. Said: “But you have to think about your parents, how heartbroken they will be if they know your choice! ” At this time, Jiang Yuan’s cell phone rang, and when the call was answered, a drunken middle-aged man’s voice came from the cell phone. “Jiang Yuan, your brother’s kindergarten fee is due this month, why haven’t you transferred the money to me yet! ” Jiang Yuan hung up the phone directly. From now on, he only lives for himself and will not be with anyone for the rest of his life. Not related! You don’t have to love her, but please don’t disturb her. Jiang Yuan just wants to leave quietly! But when the relatives who were accustomed to oppressing Jiang Yuan learned the truth, they shed hypocritical tears and begged Jiang Yuan to forgive him! And Jiang Yuan was not even in the mood to watch their performance, he just wanted to walk away quietly!

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Dec 17, 2023WuxP
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