Don’t Chase me, It’s Fruitless

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Tao Youqing has liked Zhou Yirou and been her secret lover for several years.

But she knew that Zhou Yirou didn’t love her, and she was just used as a double so she can look at as a vase.

But Tao Youqing thought that if she spent more time with Zhou Yirou she would get her love and let her put down her white moonlight to look at herself. But after a long time, she realized that Zhou Yirou would not love her. And instead Tao Youqing was tired of her enthusiasm for her and couldn’t love her anymore.

Finally, she decided to let go and never like Zhou Yirou again.

——If you don’t love, then don’t love, the next one will be better!

But what she didn’t expect was that when she let go of her, Zhou Yirou fell in love with her instead, and wanted to “reunite” with her.

Broken mirror reunion?

Tao Youqing refused: “No, the broken mirror said it doesn’t want to rebound.”

Doesn’t believe she doesn’t like her anymore?

Tao Youqing simply pulled out a shield: “Sorry, I already have someone I like.”

“Her name is Yuan Churui.”

Yuan Churui, a well-known entrepreneur, is not only President Yuan of Yueyong Entertainment, but also the little director of Yuan Group. Her net worth and value are dauntingly high.

Tao Youqing thoughts at the time: the sky is high and the emperor is far away, Yuan Churui wouldn’t find out.

As a result, Yuan Churui knew about it and gave her a paper love contract.

Yuan Churui smiled slightly: “Sign it, didn’t you say you like me?”

Tao Youqing: “…”

She never thought that things would develop like this!

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