Don’t be a licking dog when you are reborn.

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“Ji Feng, I don’t want to fall in love now. ”

Ji Feng, who was ruthlessly rejected, licked Gu Xueting for 10 years. From campus to wedding dress, it was just her marrying someone else.

He licked until the end and said nothing, but he still picked up the wine glass and said “I wish you happiness! ”

When Boeyangyang comes, he will give him cigarettes.

After regaining his life, Ji Feng no longer licks the dog, but Bai Yueguang is anxious.

Gu Xueting:

“Ji Feng, if you keep doing this, I will ignore you. ”

“Ji Feng, you were not like this before. ”

“Ji Feng, why are you doing this to me. ”

“Monsoon, let’s go back to the past. ”

Gu Xueting: “Ji Feng, I want to buy sleeping pills. ”

Ji Feng: “Hey, you can’t sleep? This medicine is not something you buy casually. ”

Gu Xueting: “I want to commit suicide, commit suicide… are you still here, Ji Feng? ”

Ji Feng was in a hurry: “Wait a minute, wait a minute, I’ll be there right away. Three bottles, are three bottles enough? ”


After rebirth, Ji Feng returned to the age of being a dog licker and a gangster.

In order to lick the former white moonlight, he actually blocked the cold school beauty in the construction site.

Looking at the pretty face so close, looking at the white neck under the raven hair, his feet were not visible when he lowered his head.

Monsoon is silent.

“What a beast I am! ”

If you want to live a new life, you should stop being a bitch, right?

[This book is also called “Warm Monsoon”]

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