Divine Weapon Is Released From Novice Village, Monsters, Tremble

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[Virtual online game + Transcending Divinity Level ability + data flow + invincibility]

The virtual online game “Mythical” has launched its server. The high attributes of the monsters in Novice Village have made a large number of players extremely miserable.

Li Xiang, the first player to enter, gained the Transcending Divinity Level ability and unlimited synthesis!

[Unlimited synthesis]

Effect: Unlimited synthesis of equipment can be performed.

“You can combine three pieces of equipment of the same level and quality. The synthesis will be successful! The combined equipment will definitely exceed the current quality! ”

Other players are doing tasks, Li Xiang is merging, other players are fighting monsters, Li Xiang is merging, other players are teaming up to fight monsters, and Li Xiang is still merging.

When it was difficult for other players to form a team and defeat monsters beyond the level, Li Xiang combined Divine Weapon.

The moment Divine Weapon was synthesized, the world announcement sounded, and the whole world was boiling.

“Monsters, here I come! ! Tremble! ! ”

Other players are still worried about why there are so many Level 3 monsters spawning. Li Xiang is already guarding the spawn point in the Level 10 monster area, the highest level in Novice Village, and kills them one by one.

Instant kill! Still an instant kill! !

“Not enough to kill, not enough to kill at all! ! ”

While other Novice Villages were worrying about being unable to defeat the ultimate BOSS of the Novice Village and being unable to leave the village, Li Xiang had already killed the ultimate BOSS of the Novice Village with one stick and took all the players in the Novice Village to the city.

When the national war started, hundreds of countries united to attack China.

Li Xiang came out of China.

Countries ridiculed China for having no one!

“I am enough to deal with you! ! ”

All the countries attacked together with great momentum, but in the end, they fled in defeat with their tails between their legs!

One person defends the country, and one person retreats from hundreds of countries! !

Li Xiang, the patron saint of China! !

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