Devouring the Starry Sky begins with the battle of geniuses

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Also known as “The Swallowing Starry Sky Starts from Simulation”, “The Swallowing Starry Sky Starts from Beyond Bolan”, “The Swallowing Starry Sky Starts from the Three Thousand Times Acceleration of Cultivation”, etc. Waiting to be added…


On the scale of the universe, a century of mediocrity is not even as good as a moment of genius.

“But so what? If I try a hundred times a thousand times as hard as I can to catch up, I may not be able to compete on the same stage with those geniuses! ”

When Hunzhen went from being an unknown person to defeating the pre-selection, winning the championship, and finally entering the top [-] list of geniuses, he finally set foot on the same starting line as these most dazzling geniuses in the universe!

In the training room, Rong Jun waved his sword, covered in sweat, but his eyes were extremely determined: “My opponent is not only Bo Lan, but also Hunzhen! ”

When news spread that Hunzhen had broken through the seventh floor of the Tongtian Bridge first, Bolan finally woke up, swept away his shock, and made up his mind: “If we travel together in time and space, I’m afraid I will never be able to catch up with Hunzhen in this life. ”

In the Xueluo Secret Realm, the Master of the Heavenly Eclipse Palace looked at Luo Feng: “If you can surpass Hunzhen in this life, you are considered great. ”

Start from the battle of geniuses until you become the strongest!

Suddenly looking back, Hun Zhen suddenly realized that he had become a towering peak that was unattainable in the eyes of geniuses.

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