Dense Fog

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A spell of dense fog awakens the animal inside.

Under a heavy fog seen only once every century, the whole university had stopped classes and was under lockdown. Yet, there would still be disobedient classmates.

For example, Lin Wu who climbed over the school fence.

For example, Wang Ye who was receiving a confession from the prettiest girl on campus.

As a result, Lin Wu, straddling the top of the fence, heard the most awe-inspiring reason for rejection in all of history—

The school flower: “I like you.”

Wang Ye: “Sorry.”

School flower: “Why?”

Wang Ye: “It isn’t your fault. It’s mine”.

School flower: “You can’t possibly be using that overdone excuse, like ‘I don’t like women’?”

Wang Ye: “I don’t like humans.”

Three days later, the fog cleared up. Lin Wu discovered that he suddenly had overwhelming urges to run around. Moreover, every nightfall, he wanted to sing loudly towards the moon.

Students and teachers alike all experienced different changes in their bodies. This strange phenomenon of “wild awakenings” accompanied a chain of foggy spells across various regions and began to spread to the rest of the world.

Lin Wu: “Thanks to the power of your lucky words, all the humans in the world now aren’t quite human anymore.”

Wang Ye: …

① This story’s “wild awakening” refers to humans suddenly awakening some kind of animal attribute in them (different people awaken different species). They also gain similar parts to that species, like motor nerves or behaviours, but this will not affect their original human traits at all. So, students still have to study hard at school; adults still have to earnestly go to work. Yes, just like that, they should maintain a positive outlook of self-improvement! Fly, fly…

② Lin Wu (shou, awakened species: coyote) x Wang Ye (gong, awakened species: Siberian tiger)

③ Wild awakening is a pseudo-scientific phenomenon and has nothing at all to do with the little gong. Hereby, we clear the name of the innocent scapegoat classmate Wang.

④ This work can also be called: “Tiger x Wolf CP’s youthfulness and innovative research on the predicament of running a university full of wild students”.

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