Deep in the Act

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To save Gao Zhun from the shackles of his invisible illness, Fang Chi overcomes obstacle after obstacle, inching closer and closer to his heart. But…

Everything you have done so far amounts to nothing more than a technique? What about…

Your feelings?


Can the course of human feelings ever be truly understood?

In an attempt to diversify his career, Zhang Zhun agrees to co-star with award-winning actor, Chen Hsin.

Their first task, by the director’s orders:

15 days of cohabitation in a couple’s room.

15 days of watching raunchy movies in the same bed, in preparation for the filming of their first scene together.

Yet, things begin to go wrong as they get into bed for the camera.

No one on the set is safe from the passion of their performance.

No one is exempt from the heat of their desire.

Even the director cannot help but fume: Have I ever asked them to take things this far?

But… isn’t it our job to go deeper into the act?


You are my secret sunshine.

Chen Hsin risks everything in his possession as Zhang Zhun walks down the path of no return.

How should they define the bond between them?

Perhaps it should not be known as love, for love is too heavy and terrifying a word for them.

And yet…

There will never be another film like this! Your performance and the feelings you conveyed will never be surpassed! This is a masterpiece that belongs only to the two of you!

When their eyes meet – before the camera, according to the script – Zhang Zhun feels the tips of his fingers go numb.

Who is he?

Has he become Gao Zhun? Or is he still Zhang Zhun?

Who is this before him?

Is it Fang Chi? Or is it Chen Hsin?


When the filming comes to an end, the characters will recover, the actors’ passion will fade, and they will forget each other eventually as they return to their individual paths.

In the end, how should they make sense of it all?

Have they truly been hopelessly and deliriously in love?

Or have they simply lost themselves too deeply in the act?

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