Danger!Hou Men’s legitimate daughter, she was cruel and ruthless after her rebirth

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In her previous life, she encountered a careful plot by her adopted sister, which ruined her family and ultimately led to her tragic death.

Once he was reborn, Shen Yuan just wanted to take revenge, turn the tide, and take power!

The seventh prince wants to break off the engagement? Retreat! She doesn’t even bother being a princess!

Deported by the emperor’s order? She turned around and held the imperial edict to cry out for injustice, and with her backhand, the queen’s wings were broken, the virtuous concubine was punished, and the snake and scorpion sworn sister who secretly plotted against her, and the maid was beaten to death with random sticks.

The adopted sister was determined to trick her, bully her and humiliate her, and she always kept an eye on her back house.

And she disguised herself as a man, worked as a eunuch, started a business, opened a medical clinic, established a school, set up a factory, and took over political power…

Step by step, she becomes bigger and stronger, and finally creates a hell on earth, and personally sends her adopted sister who murdered her in her previous life into it!

She was bent on seeking power, but unexpectedly, she was targeted by the North Wing King, who had a large number of soldiers.

The North Wing King was powerful and domineering, “Marry me! ”

She smiled, “Your Majesty, our family is a eunuch. ”

He took out a milk baby and said calmly, “Just tell me, do you want to marry me or not? ”

She was angry. By accident, her home was robbed. Did she think that stealing her baby would threaten her?

“Don’t marry! ”

He said, “The country is your job! ”

She sneered, “Your Majesty, are you trying to subvert the imperial power for me? ”

He was arrogant, “Why not? ”

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