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Zhu Shan travels through Daming.

Became the grandson of Yongle Emperor Zhu Di.

Zhu Gaochi’s fifth son, Zhu Zhanji’s younger brother, Zhu Zhanyi!

Just when Zhu Zhanqian was planning to be a happy prince in peace, he accidentally bound to the Xiuxian chat group! When all members of the group cultivate to immortality, the group will be upgraded, and as the group leader, he will get the immortality gift package.

Well, there is no conflict between free and long life, I want to cultivate immortality!

When the spiritual energy began to recover, and the spirit beasts and fairy grass spread all over Oala, Tatar and other surrounding places, Ming finally launched a just war!

Afterwards, when Emperor Yongle, who had mediocre aptitude, saw that his inventory of pills was insufficient, Daming turned his attention overseas again…

And when the Great Ming Immortal Kingdom took shape and the world evolved again, the chat group was upgraded again, yo, it was possible to invite other Great Ming emperors into the group?

Zhu Zhanqian: Well, it’s time to establish the Alliance of Heavens, Great Mings and Immortal Kingdoms!

Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang: Our prince and grandson have already cultivated immortality, the fourth child, you have no chance!

Cultivating Immortal Emperor Jiajing: As a genius, the latter ranks first, and I am about to cultivate the gods to return the emptiness. Except for the group leader and a very few ancestors with extremely poor talents, my cultivation base is the strongest. Who is for and who is against?

Zhu Houzhao: Hehe, my stupid younger brother, brother Huang, I have already practiced the Tao…

Zhu Yuanzhang: Who do you say very rarely, Zhu Laosi, take good care of your children and grandchildren!

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