Daily Life After Marriage with the Boss

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The young master of the Ling family, Ling Yi, lost his eyesight after a car accident. After that, Ling Yi’s father brought his illegitimate son into the house while Ling Yi was sent to A Province for recuperation, and became the laughing stock of every family.

Half a year later, Ling Yi came back, his eyes still not healed. However, the people who laughed at him couldn’t laugh anymore, because no matter where Ling Yi went, there was a tall and fierce bodyguard by his side.

Anyone who laughed at Ling Yi because he is blind would be thrown out by this fierce and cold bodyguard who was 1.92 meters tall.

At the banquet, Ling Yi’s stunned as he watched the bodyguard kick Ling Yi’s illegitimate brother against the wall, “Ling Yi, where did you hire such a fierce bodyguard?”

Ling Yi froze for a moment: “He is not my bodyguard.”

Fa Xiao: “?”

Ling Yi is very serious: “This is my husband, who got his certificate half a year ago. He hasn’t found a job yet, so he is taking care of me for the time being.”

Fa Xiao: “You actually like a man with an unknown background and no job? Your father will break your leg if he finds out.”

Ling Yi’s father appeared angrily, and after a while, he grabbed Ling Yi’s younger brother who was still vomiting blood, and apologized: “Mr. Feng, please raise your hand high.”

Fa Xiao felt that the man looked familiar, so he took a photo and searched on his phone, then turned to Ling Yi after a pause: “Ling Yi, your husband who can’t find a job seems to be a billionaire.”

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