Da Qin: I, Ying Zheng, ask my ancestor to clear my name

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Story of: Da Qin: I, Ying Zheng, ask my ancestor to clear my name

Rebirth of martial arts and the Warring States period. He became the ancestor of the Great Qin named Ying Cang, the ancestor of the First Emperor of Qin, and was recognized as the master of the Great Dao System. In the chaotic world of lords, he created the Great Qin Empire with the power of martial arts, became the founding ancestor of the Great Qin, and dominated the world. Thousands of years later, the descendant Ying Zheng appeared, but his bloodline was stained, and he asked Cang Ancestor to rectify his bloodline. Under the number of days. Ying Zheng is the son of destiny, and the Qin Dynasty should sweep away the six kingdoms and unite the world. Ying Cang: The destiny is in Qin. It disturbs the number of days and plots the heaven and the earth. It takes a thousand years to plan and a thousand years of sword to conquer the sky. The days are chaotic. All countries are in turmoil, and all schools of thought are in turmoil. Ying Cang wants to use the world as a chessboard, the fate of all living beings as chess pieces, condense the fate of human nature into a sword, use the fate of human nature to fight the power of heaven, control the way of heaven and earth, replace the way of heaven, and control heaven and earth. The Qin Dynasty destroyed the six kingdoms and established the Yun Dynasty. The reward was the Five Elements Chaos Physique. The Qin Dynasty rules the world, controls the destiny of the world, and rewards – the way of uniting with heaven and transforming the way of heaven. Combine the heaven and earth, control the heaven and the earth, and the reward is to connect the heavens.

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