Curse Return: Heaven and Curse Binding are destined to become the strongest!

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Story of: Curse Return: Heaven and Curse Binding are destined to become the strongest!

(Transvestite + darkness + slap in the face + random killing + becoming stronger + revenge + no heroine) The world of the magician is full of weirdness, lies, collapse, fights, and tragedies. The boy with the sky and the curse is struggling for death. , Not every time traveler is happy, but as long as he puts in all his efforts, he will definitely be able to live a strong life in the darkness. A male college student traveled back to the spell and gained the special physique [Heaven and Curse Binding]. Unfortunately, he was born in The Chanyuan family thought that everything would be fine once the system was activated, but Bai Yi never thought that the rotten oranges in the Chanyuan family would be so good at arrogant people. They were so arrogant that they did not give them food or accommodation, and they also bullied, abused and suppressed them. Su Bai, in eight years, Bai Yi changed from a passionate young man to a calm old man. The sound of system activation in his ears was the lost youth of the Chanyuan family! The boy who vowed to destroy the Chanyuan family started his journey to another world. Become stronger from now on. No one can stop him. Kensuo: “Let’s cooperate. We are both enlightened people. Only you can understand me. ” Su Nuo: “You are really weird. I have never seen a user of heaven and curses. ” “Lepsypot: “It triggered I, the eruption of Mount Fuji, have an unprecedentedly powerful spell. You may not be able to defeat me at this moment! “Hua Yu: “O powerful human being, feel the anger of the earth and the forest! ” Gojo Satoru and Xia Youjie: “The three of us are the strongest! ” Chanyuan Jier: “We are both [Heaven and Cursed], and your abilities are much more outstanding. ” Chanyuan Patriarch: “It’s you! The person who destroyed my Zenyuan family turned out to be you! I hate it! A person directly adjacent to the Zen Yuan said: “Bai Yi! “You are the monster who destroyed my Zenyuan home.

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