Cry, Even Better if you Beg


The Herhardt household’s masterpiece.

The young owner of a heaven-like place called Arvis.

The beautiful bird slaughterer.

Matthias von Herhardt.

His perfect life- completely swallowed, crushed, and shaken-

by his lovely bird.

Leyla Lewellin.

Cut, locked, and tamed her wings.

In order to keep Leyla Lewellin in custody, Matthias did not hesitate his actions.

Because he did not hesitate, he did not regret.

Because he did not regret, he did not reflect.

Because he did not reflect, he did not apologize.

When his beautiful bird, Leyla Lewellin, opened her cage and flew away, Matthias decided.

“If I lose her forever and can’t get her back, I’d rather kill her.”

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