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Traveling through the ancient mythical world before the Great Tribulation of Conferring Gods, Emperor Jun was reborn for billions of years, and once the true spirit awakened, he was already close to the Great Tribulation of the Lich.

Just when Di Jun was confused by the Lich’s calamity, the system suddenly awakened.

Di Jun: I’m so confused, you told me the system was awakened? Do you have to complete various tasks to get rewards?

Aware of the gap between each other, Di Jun directly started the refining system to sacrifice the system to the sky, thus gaining the avenue of fortune.

In order to change the destiny, Emperor Jun established the mythical fortune and created the supreme heaven.

Monster Race Heaven? Human beings are one of the three realms of heaven, earth and man. All creatures or information combined and existing, if they have spiritual wisdom, they are considered human beings.

Suppress the fate of heaven with humanity, control all beings in heaven with heaven, and establish a heaven of humanity!

When Di Jun subdued the powerful people of the prehistoric world, some of the supreme road gimmicks in the previous life fooled the great powers of the prehistoric people, but he never expected that the words of the deceitful people would become true.

The Three Purities establish the Three Ways, the evolution of the results of all causes, the foundation of existence, and the end of the world.

Nüwa establishes the human way, builds the human heavens, projects herself to reflect the heavens, and the orthodoxy gathers all realms.

Fuxi gathers the way of piano performance, uses time and space as the sound of the piano, and uses the sound of the piano to trace back through the ages.


Kunpeng… …

Looking at all these great talents, Di Jun fell into deep thought.

I’m just talking, are you okay?

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