Couple cultivating immortality: My Taoist partner and I grew up through planting

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In her previous life, Han Xin and her Taoist companion Shi Yan were framed and died at the claws of a monster.

When they opened their eyes again, the two of them not only changed the world, but also changed their bodies. Their identities changed from high-ranking cultivators to five-year-old beggars in the secular world.

Fortunately, the time travel came with a golden finger, so the two of them would not have to beg for a living.

In this new life, the two of them have better spiritual roots than in the previous life. It doesn’t matter if the spiritual energy in the secular world is thin. Supplemented by the various spiritual vegetables and rice rich in spiritual energy in the system, the speed of cultivation advancement is comparable to that in the world of cultivation.

I came to the world of cultivation to accept a disciple, entered a major sect in the world of cultivation, worshiped a powerful master, and lived a beautiful life with the care of my master and the love of my brothers and sisters. But I didn’t expect——

Master Xuanqing, Taoist Master, appears to be a serious swordsman, but in reality he is a swordsman who does not do his job properly.

Senior Brother Shen Ziqian appears to be a cold and silent swordsman, but in reality he is a social terror.

The second senior sister Qian Rourou has a gentle and pretty face, but in fact she has the hottest temper.

The third senior brother, Kong Zhuangzhuang, has a strong body, a doll-like face, and the gentlest personality.

Fourth senior sister Lu Yuqi looks gorgeous and enchanting, but is actually introverted and blushes easily.

They thought that their days would be spent practicing day after day, but unexpectedly, Han Xin and Shi Yan unexpectedly returned to the world of their previous life and met the enemy who killed them.

Faced with an enemy who was more advanced in cultivation, in order to avenge their hatred, the two of them practiced even harder. As they practiced, they discovered that the two continents they had stayed in were actually on the same plane!

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