Concubine, she rises step by step

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The administrative director kindly crossed over

Before crossing, she was on the saddle, not talking about her boyfriend, not inefficient socializing, full of sense of crisis, nervous, ready to call 24 hours a day, becoming the boss’s big armor and confidant

After transmigrating, she looked at a group of beauties in a vase who had the right to be favored and wanted to win the throne, and she sighed, “Concubine’s road is too complicated, I’d better be the boss’s dog’s leg… ”

Others: dress up beautifully, ask for grace

Good intentions: Take out a small notebook and remember the likes and dislikes of the big boss

Others: Rely on father, mother, and ex

Good intentions: I’m lucky that the poor father and the scumbag don’t hold back

Others are trying their best to climb onto the emperor’s bed

Good intentions but full of KPIs, strive to be a good employee in front of the boss

Junior court lady KPI: How to make the emperor wait on all fours and not work hard

KPI for mid-level court ladies: How to make the emperor smile and give rewards and silver

KPI for Senior Court Ladies: How to Get the Emperor to Leave You

Kindness is flourishing in the harem, and the concubines of all palaces are scrambling to let her go to have tea and snacks (Xiao Jiujiu who inquired about the emperor’s thoughts)

The emperor has quietly paid attention to this little maid

One day, Shengyi was spitting and teaching concubines and palace people how to attract (seduce) the emperor

Unexpectedly, the emperor quietly moved the small bench, and said leisurely: “Why don’t you try… ”

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