Conan: Gin, do you want to learn crime from me?

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[Conan fan + single heroine Haibara Ai + black forces + martial arts Xiaoqiang system + beat up Conan + more original and daily content] (Those readers who like to troll and look for a sense of presence, you don’t need to read this book of mine. I will not tolerate your shortcomings, those who like to be ignorant, rant without reading the following, point fingers and think that they are a figure, and those readers who feel that the author is born to be scolded by you, before you comment Be careful, be careful not to lose your own mother here~) (Comments that are complaints, ridicules, suggestions, and plot predictions are welcome. As for those mentioned in parentheses above Comments, I’m sorry, I am someone who will delete comments. Not only that, I will also ban you. I don’t want you to pay this little money. It’s not enough for me to have a game account. Why should I be angry with you? Don’t be realistic. Why don’t you come here to vent your emotions. ) My name is Shinji Sugi. I used to be… well, let’s not mention it. After I came to this world, I appeared to be the owner of a small bar, but in fact I was a criminal planner. Where there is light in the world, there is darkness. People who appear to be bright may have dark evil deeds hidden behind them, and what I have to do is to fight evil with evil. I recently made a new friend, I think his name is Gin. This person is a pervert. He likes killing people but has no sense of art. I think I need to try to change him. As for the system on my body, haha… The author is currently writing two books together, writing them for fun, and they will never be updated, so please feel free to read them. Of course, the reminder button and five-star praise are still needed!

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