Comprehensive comic: The story of the growth of a boy controlled by his brother

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Story of: Comprehensive comic: The story of the growth of a boy controlled by his brother

Atobe Keigo’s twin brother. He loves his brother so much (pure brotherhood! ) . Overall, it can be regarded as the growth trajectory of a sports boy. In the early stage, he tends to be in the daily life. In the middle, he enters the main plot of Net King, a comprehensive comic plot, and there may be a small one in the later stage. As for the main storyline of volleyball, it is also possible to let yourself go. I will try my best but it is still to be determined. The CP is set to be Yukimura. Unless something unexpected happens, it will not be changed. If something unexpected happens… Besides, in addition: the love plot will be in the middle and late stages of the main plot, which is relatively slow. It won’t be exciting if it’s hot and dull. If you expect a sweet love from the beginning, just ignore it. The protagonist is not that kind of character. It’s better to forget about the one who is passionate about tennis and beats the world. This protagonist does not only play one kind of sport. Club, after all, there are several anime that I want to integrate into one, and they will be more daily-type. Note: Daily-type, please don’t ask me again why I don’t break the world, I won’t. Because of my work, I try my best to keep updating, and I occasionally take holidays to update the 6000 as stably as possible to ensure that I won’t be a eunuch. Please support me~ I will patch all the regrets that can be fixed by the old rules, and there is nothing I can do if I can’t. It doesn’t follow logic. You can read it as you like. Look.

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