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Lin Chen traveled to the world of Gaowu where caves opened and thousands of tribes invaded. There was a selection system where you could see prompts!

After the humans in this parallel world arrive, they will be able to get the opportunity to “choose one of three dimensional projections”!

After accepting the character template of dimensional projection, you will obtain the corresponding character’s physique and related abilities!

Lin Chen was surprised to find that the character templates for “Dimensional Projection” actually came from anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto and One Piece that he had watched in his previous life!

On the day when the school organization accepted dimensional projection, Lin Chen was quite lucky to be projected into the templates of two recognized strong men!

【Project the world of Naruto! Konoha’s blue beast – Metkai! 】

【Projection of the pirate world! The Strongest Man in the World – Whitebeard! 】

【Project the Dragon Ball world! Saiyan warrior – Kakarot! 】

“Wow! It’s the blue beast of Konoha right from the start? His explosive power is among the best in the Naruto world! ”

“Oh my god! The second one is invincible! He is actually the strongest man in the pirate world! He can cause earthquakes and tsunamis with one punch! ”

At this moment, under the projection stage, school leaders and countless people were discussing it heatedly!

The character templates of the Naruto world and the Pirate world are recognized as the strongest dimensional templates!

Whether it’s a ninja with a blood inheritance limit or a pirate who has eaten a devil fruit.

The powerful strength brought by its character template is enough to cause a nationwide sensation and attract worldwide attention!

But no one expected that when faced with these three options, Lin Chen would choose the Saiyan warrior-Kakarot without hesitation!

This news became the number one trending topic in the country that day!

Lin Chen’s name is known to everyone!

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