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Chang Yang, a disciple of the Hehuan Sect, had a prophetic dream. In the future, he would meet a male cultivator who was poisoned by a strange poison.

Fortunately, she has special skills and can use her blood to make medicine. After rescuing the person, he couldn’t hide his affection and became more gentle and affectionate.

  Then… Changyang woke up.

  She lay on the bed with her eyes open, remembering the name of the antidote in her dream, her face expressionless.

 The secret medicine is good, but it has one side effect. After the poison is detoxified, it will change the likes and dislikes in the heart.

  If the person donating blood is someone the poisoned person likes, after detoxification, the like will turn into dislike, and vice versa.

  Thinking of the deep affection that the other party never changed after detoxification.

  Changyang understood clearly: This person is a mortal enemy.

[Reason for participating: The heroine comes from a humble background, but she works hard all the way, and finally leaps over the dragon gate, and is able to spread her wings and travel around the world. 】

Publish poems in the comment area from 2023.9. 27 To 2023.10. 27, And you will have the opportunity to obtain Jinjiang coins ranging from [-] to [-]. Note: The first line must be written “Mid-Autumn Poetry Competition”, feel free to use the bottom.


The column is pre-collected. If you are interested, you can collect it in advance ~ It is probably a story about the heroine who has the power to enter dreams ~

Title: “The Infector”


Zhou Huaixia never dreams.

She will only pass by in the dreams of the whole world.

This is a secret she has kept for 19 years.

Perhaps because of the new environment in college, Zhou Huaixia began to wander around in other people’s dreams all night long.

The classmates in the next door dormitory dreamed of returning to the college entrance examination every now and then, and shed tears in the examination room. A strange classmate in the dormitory downstairs dreams about being bitten by dogs and chased by geese all day long. I even passed by the erotic dream of a classmate in the male dormitory…

For a whole year, Zhou Huaixia was exhausted mentally and physically from the messy dreams.

——I wish I could pluck my brains out.

Until one day, late at night when she returned to school, she dreamed that her roommate, covered in blood, reached out to her and shouted: Huaixia, save me!

Purpose: Actively explore love and peace, and aspire to be a good young man with three views

Novel keywords: Chang Yang has no pop-up window, download the complete txt of Chang Yang, read the latest chapters of Chang Yang.

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