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After waking up, Jiang Li became the most unfavored concubine in Zhenwuhou’s mansion. He was not allowed to practice martial arts or practice Taoism.

The start was not going well, and the future was bleak, but Jiang Li accidentally obtained the strongest supernatural power of Taoism, Tiangang 36 Changes and Pandi’s remains.

[Mediate good fortune]: Mediate heaven and earth, make good fortune mysteriously, use non-existence to create life, use death to live, and change all things.

[Reversing Yin and Yang]: Make the heaven and the earth out of order, and the sun and the moon out of order.

[Returning to the sky and returning to the sun]: Insight into the heavens, illuminating the world of Jambudha, the world of hundreds of millions of constant sands, can reveal the past, present and future.

[Nine-breath Convincing Qi]: The Golden Core Dao, which generates the qi from the beginning of the universe, absorbs the innate qi to transform mana, and restores the overall state instantly.

There are also [Zongdi Jinguang], [Five Elements Escape], [Liujia Qimen], [Flowers Bloom Moment], [Wandering God Controlling Qi], [Nailhead Seven Arrows]…

In the early winter of Hongwu 31, a catastrophe struck Northern Mang. Mang Khan wielded his saber, and millions of cavalry marched southward, shaking the government and the opposition.

This year, the Supreme Daoist saint broke peach branches to enlighten the world, the demon king Yunxi went to the imperial court at night to steal the remains of the Emperor Pan, the ten gods of the temples in the Western Regions were about to move, the seven-year-old Taoist ancestor of Wudang went south on a crane, and the sails of the Eastern countries were like masts. Clouds, boats, thousands of miles…

This year, there are young dragons in Shengjing, and their horns are outstanding!

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