Chaise a la Reine


A young and talented sea hero, Vice Admiral Chastan. Known as an outstanding individual in the navy, he suddenly receives a summons from the capital one day.

What awaited him was a divorce trial, filed by his wife, the guilty spouse, as he followed the summons to the capital. However, there was a much deeper political aim that went beyond his wife’s infidelity… From then on, he gets caught up in a whirlwind of unexpected conspiracies and events.

“There’s no need to worry. As I said before, I have an ongoing desire for talented people. I’m not going to use a man as competent as you for this matter. I’ll make sure you don’t lose anything with this. Your allegiance to the empire, publicly and privately, will pay off.”

“I’m much obliged to Your Majesty.”

“Don’t take my words lightly, Vice Admiral Chastan. As the Emperor never goes back on his word. If you want to survive in the imperial court, you’ll have to keep this in mind first.”

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