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Traveling to the world of Detective Conan, and starting with the president with the highest death rate, Bai Chuan panicked, feeling that every employee under him was sharpening their knives and looking fierce.

No, I must be a good president who is law-abiding, courteous and corporal, clear about rewards and punishments, and selfless!

Never become the protagonist of a murder case!

But one year in the Ke Xue world is equivalent to 1 years in the normal world!

Wouldn’t it be possible to save a lot of money by paying salaries to employees on an annual basis? If you borrow a huge sum of money from the bank and agree to repay it after two years, wouldn’t you never have to pay it back in your life?

Fuck! The pattern is opened at once!

What should I do if I fail to recruit employees from the company next door? Take Conan, the god of death, to visit the door, and wait for the president to die suddenly, and all the staff will leave.

What if the acquisition of a competitor fails? Bring the Maoli family to the door, watch the bomb explode with a smile, and directly buy the bottom.

What should I do if I encounter malicious competition from rogue companies? Then consider a fart! Just let Gin drive Apache to destroy humanity!

Mori Kogoro: I actually made a love game with Ms. Okino Yoko’s modeling! Hey~ Suck~ Hey~~~

Di Dan Sansi: Brother Bai Chuan, when will the next Ultraman movie be released? I feel that Kamen Rider looks much better than Kamen Rider!

Suzuki Sonoko: Shirakawa-kun is really powerful. In less than a year, the company’s total assets are almost [-]% of the Suzuki Foundation. It’s really amazing!

Gin: Make money! (Righteous)

Narazawa Shirakawa: At the beginning, I just wanted to be a good citizen with five principles, four beauties and three passions. God knows how it became like this! I am also very desperate!

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