Cannon fodder senior sister, she is no longer a human being

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Yanyu wears the book.

Isn’t it just that I read a book on cultivating immortals? Isn’t there a cannon-fodder senior sister with the same name as myself in it?

Unexpectedly, it was worn overnight, when the cannon fodder had already disabled his legs and was about to become the tool of the Demon Lord after being planted with a demon seed.

But at this moment, the demon seed in her body has not yet been activated, and she has not yet become the unconscious puppet tool of the demon king.

So Yan Yu, who traveled to the world of books to cultivate immortality and had a cannon fodder tool man script in hand, directly changed to the Shuangwen route.

In the competition arena, she was destined to lose, but she broke the deadlock with one sword and won the qualification to enter the secret realm.

In the secret realm, facing the strong attack from other sects, he exploded with one hand, convincing others.

In a village where demonic aura is rampant, before the heroine is about to take in the amnesiac boy wrapped in demonic aura, she forcefully takes over and immediately asks the future demon lord to recognize herself as her father.

Breaking into a Buddhist forbidden area, facing the male master who was about to be demonized, she raised her eyebrows and lightly absorbed the demonic energy from the person and used it for her own purposes.

Later, during the battle between the good and evil factions, the demon revealed her identity as a demon. She only smiled softly and said: “Son, dad didn’t shout enough, did he? ”

Everyone wanted to attack her, but after taking a closer look at her strength, they found that she was already in the stage of transcending the tribulation and was about to fly away. She couldn’t afford to fight…

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