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Before Luo Wanqing was nineteen, she was well-known as a noble daughter from a medical family in Jiangnan. She had a gentle and courteous fiancee, Jiang Shaoyan, and generous and loving parents. At first glance, her life would be smooth sailing till the end.

After she turned nineteen, soldiers broke into her house, killed all the men in the family, and exiled the women. She was painfully waiting for her only hope in prison, expecting Jiang Shaoyan to redress the injustice and save her from misery. Yet all she received was a dagger and a bottle of poison. Jiang Shaoyan told her it was a long road to the border and asked her to stay chaste for him. So she took the dagger and returned.

For revenge, she disfigured her face, took the place of a convicted prisoner, fought bloody battles on her way, and entered the Inspection Department as a pardoned prisoner. On the day she met her superior, the news came that her substitute ‘Luo Wanqing’ had died unexpectedly in exile. That night, the third prince, Jiang Shaoyan, who had returned from the countryside, set up a memorial tablet for his deceased wife in his mansion.

Luo Wanqing, covered in blood, was kneeling in the courtyard when she heard the god-like Inspector’s cold voice. “Once you walk through the door of my Inspection Department, you belong to me, Xie Heng. State your name.”

Luo Wanqing tightened her blood-covered hands, grasped the token on the ground, and raised her clear and bright eyes.

“Your servant, Liu Xiniang.”

#For other people, he was a demon, but for me, he was a deity. ”

#I was on a boat sailing on the clear stream, but in the blink of an eye, I accidentally got lost in turbulent waves#

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