Black Lotus Flower Transmigrates into a Dog Blood Novel’s Male Supporting Role

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Mu Qingyan was originally a top-tier film emperor, a true black lotus flower.

After transmigrating, he became the tragic and pitiful original supporting role in a dog blood danmei novel.

The original protagonist, Xing Hao, had been engaged to Mu Qingyan since childhood and he had always tolerated being a supporting character, until he met Bai Lianhua, a white lotus flower who played the love card and used the excuse of “knowing one’s worth and sticking to it”.

However, for the sake of the family’s interests, Xing Hao had to marry Mu Qingyan. On the night of their marriage registration, he stayed at Bai Lianhua’s house and didn’t return all night.

After the unexpected death of Mu Qingyan’s parents, Xing Hao, who couldn’t divorce him, became physically and emotionally abusive towards him, ultimately driving the once pitiful original supporting role to jump off a building and commit suicide.

Xing Hao became the biggest beneficiary of the original novel, inheriting the Mu family’s billion-dollar fortune and living happily ever after with Bai Lianhua.

After reading the original novel, Mu Qingyan was furious: “Cheating, domestic violence, and still wanting to castrate me? No way!”

After transmigrating, Mu Qingyan was rich and had good looks, with all his black lotus flower skills maxed out.

He divorced, started a business, and was ruthless in his revenge against scum.

Once, in everyone’s eyes, Mu Qingyan, the young master of the Mu Group, was nothing but a tool for a wealthy family’s marriage alliance, with a beautiful face and unparalleled talents, but an empty head and a tendency to cause trouble.

Unexpectedly, on the morning of Mu Qingyan’s second day of marriage, multiple media outlets reported:

“Shocking! Mu Group’s supporting character big young master married yesterday and divorced today!”

“Is it a distortion of humanity or a decline of morality that a certain Mu surname man got married and divorced in just one day?”

“Mu Qingyan’s divorce: wealthy young master ‘plays’ on a new level”

Mu Qingyan said, “Hmph, a scumbag like him wants to marry me? Not even for a day!”

Years later:

“What made the troublemaker Mu young master become an Oscar-winning film emperor? The reason shocked friends’ circles!”

“Mu Qingyan’s Life Insights: Stay away from scumbags and focus on your career.”

“Shocking! CEO Ji Liyun proposes to Mu Qingyan! The scene is luxurious and romantic!”

Ji Liyun was born into a top-tier wealthy family and was a standard domineering CEO and workaholic.

He secretly loved Mu Qingyan for ten years but received news of Mu Qingyan’s engagement just as he was preparing to return from expanding overseas markets and confess his feelings.

Ji Liyun reluctantly gave up, until he saw the news of Mu Qingyan’s suicide by jumping off a building.

In despair, Ji Liyun was reborn.


The original novel’s protagonist and love interest are both antagonists in this novel.

Completely fictional, with both sweet and exciting moments.

The novel’s protagonist only loves Mu Qingyan before and after being reborn.

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