Big sister, she changed schools

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(No CP, I saw that some people are still asking about CP, here I explain that there is no CP) Yue Qiran is the senior sister of Ming Lanzong, who has almost contracted all the affairs in the sect, from the cultivation of juniors and sisters, to the cultivation of juniors and younger sisters. It took more than two hundred years for the income and expenses in the gate, and finally cultivated a second junior brother who is beautiful and bright, a third junior brother who is famous for his piano skills in the world of cultivating immortals, and a handsome man who dares to love and hate, and wields a sword. The fourth junior sister.

Just when she was pleased to put down the feather duster and account book in her hands, and was about to retreat to practice, junior sister Lian Qingzhou came.

She is weak and boneless, and loves to do good. First, she rescued the eldest disciple under the command of the demon king in the demon world, causing dozens of deaths and injuries to the disciples in the sect. Then, in order to save the next mortal, she hurt the disciples who had made good friends with the sect, and brought many disasters to the sect.

After Yue Qiran finished dealing with these matters, he picked up the feather duster in his hand as usual, but unexpectedly——

Second Junior Brother: Senior Sister, being too cruel will come back to bite you sooner or later.

Third Junior Brother: Senior Sister, Junior Sister is still young, how could you treat her like this? You really disappoint Junior Brother.

Fourth Junior Sister: Junior Sister, don’t be afraid, stand behind Senior Sister, Senior Sister will protect you

Later, when her reputation was tarnished, she abandoned her cultivation to prove her innocence, jumped off a cliff, and completely severed all ties with the sect.

When she returned again, she was still the senior sister, but not the senior sister of the Minglan Sect.

PS: The heroine is not a good person in the traditional sense! !

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