Big Brother, Please Save Us!


As the last survivor of Doomsday world, Red Flame Witch Lin Rurui, who was dead, was reborn into an Escape Game.

A cabin deep in the forest where the evil cannibal cult lurks, numerous ghosts that can be seen at Osaka street at night, Zombie village in the old forest of the deep mountain …

Selected unfortunates began to scream again and again.

“Ahhhh! The monster is out again!”

“Please save me! Let me outta this ghost game!”

“Woo woo woo mommy I want to go home…”

The Escape Game is broadcasted live on big screens around the world, and seven billion people around the world were clutching at the heart for their fellow citizens.

Hearing screams, Lin Rurui calmly walked, surrounded by blood thirsty monsters.

“Hey! That girl over there! Don’t go over there, are you looking for death!?”

The girl showed her hands and drew out a sword of flame, and as if the sun has descended from the sky, monsters are immediately annihilated, accompanied by a burnt aroma of barbecued meat.

Everyone: “…”

“Big Brother, please save us!”

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