Beginning from the world of Uncle Jiu, he tricked his master into enlightening him.

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In Uncle Jiu’s world, warlords are fighting and demons are rampant. Lin Cheng came here unexpectedly, and experienced the tenderness of A Piao with long hair covering his face, the cold-blooded zombie with green face and fangs, and the righteous Uncle Jiu who was superb in Taoism!

… .

Lin Cheng, who traveled through time, was rescued by Uncle Jiu and accepted as his disciple. He awakened the trap master system and was bound to Uncle Jiu. As long as Uncle Jiu provokes powerful enemies and helps Uncle Jiu defeat them, Lin Chengcheng can receive corresponding rewards.

“Master, someone sent me two plaques. I think they are very suitable for your identity, so I accepted them. ”

Uncle Jiu smiled proudly, saying that he was not in vain to protect one side, these people still knew how to be grateful.

So I asked my disciple to take off the cloth on the plaque, and I saw four large gilded characters engraved on each of the two plaques.

The one on the left is ‘No. [-] In the world’, the one on the right is ‘Invincible in the world’

When Uncle Jiu saw this, his expression changed drastically and he said hurriedly:

“Whoever gave it to me, please return it to me immediately. ”

This is going to put me on the fire.

Which bastard dares to trick me like this? Don’t let me catch you, otherwise, hum!

Lin Chengshen nodded sympathetically and said:

“My disciple also feels that there are still some flaws in this plaque, so I will improve it. ”

While talking, he went out to do some work.

Uncle Jiu looked at Lin Cheng’s back with relief. Sure enough, this apprentice was reliable.

One day later, there was a couplet outside the gate of Yizhuang.

First couplet: In heaven and on earth, I am the only one who is supreme.

Second line: The sun rises in the east, I alone am undefeated.

Hengpi: If you don’t accept it, come here!

A few days later, Uncle Jiu saw this couplet when he went out and almost fainted.

“Traitor! Get out of here! ”

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