Becoming the richest man in the universe begins with cultivating immortals

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The only god in the comprehension world, Mo Zunyue sacrificed his body to the law in the battle between gods and demons, and his soul traveled to the interstellar era.

Faced with the situation of not eating or drinking, Mo Zunyue looked at the barren star in front of her with melancholy.

It is said that this barren star has serious radiation and is pervasive. If it is exposed to it for a long time, it will explode and die.

Mo Zunyue trembled.


She looked at the endless fluorescent stones and was shocked!

How can this be radiation ore? This is obviously a spirit stone, okay? !

There is no poisonous weed growing on it, it is obviously a spiritual herb…

Farming and refining alchemy to make money, opening sects to accept disciples to earn tuition fees.

She wants to carry forward the cultivation of immortals in the interstellar era (and make a lot of money) .

The interstellar people discovered that many magical things appeared on the star network recently.

For example, eating one pill can keep you from being hungry for a month.

The nutrient solution dealer was stunned: what?

For example, a thermostatic stone that can be carried on the body to keep out the cold and cool off the heat.

The clothier couldn’t sit still: what’s going on?

Another example is Yunling Pill, which can restore the collapse of the spiritual sea.

The drug dealer was startled: hell! How could the spiritual sea be repaired! !

It never occurred to them that powerful competitors are not from peers.

It actually came from the god on the barren star who was talking about drawing talismans to make alchemy.

Soon, Star Citizen begins to doubt the reality of the world!

“… Look! In the space outside the starship, someone is flying with a sword! ! ”

“You may not believe it when you say it, but when someone raised his hand, a galaxy exploded. ”

“! ! The cultivator is so terrifying! ”

“… ”

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