Became an Infinite Game Beauty NPC

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If selected as a player in a horror game, it’s either clear the game or die.

Ruan Qing had it worse. He directly became a special player who played the role of an NPC in the horror game, essentially living in the opening credits.

What’s even more unfortunate for him is that his physique is extremely peculiar, attracting the attention of sadists and psychopaths no matter where he goes.

Game 1: [Horror Livestream Room] – A gloomy and delicate victim who can’t bear the slightest grievance – Completed.

Those who owe debts always have to repay them, and once you owe a debt, you will be selected by the horror livestream.

Ruan Qing was the first to be chosen: “…”

After Ruan Qing was chosen, various ways of his death flooded the invisible barrage in the livestream room.

However, when the camera focused on Ruan Qing’s face, the barrage froze, and the previously cruel and heartless comments instantly changed.

[I don’t think he deserves to die. Isn’t it just an insult? He didn’t lose any flesh. Why make a big deal out of it?]

[I agree, I don’t think he’s a bad person.]

Initially, everyone said, [Someone so malicious should just die!]

But later, everyone flocked to the Weibo accounts of the people Ruan Qing had insulted: [You can’t even afford grapes, but you dare to eat steak. Do you still have any humanity?]

People who were inexplicably insulted: “??? Are you crazy?”

If you discover a serial killer knocking on your door, about to break in within a few minutes, what would you do? If it were any other host, the audience would probably be excited and want to see various ways they would die.

But if it were Ruan Qing…

[Don’t open the door, Ruan Qing! Please don’t open the door! Run away quickly!!!]

Ruan Qing took out his phone and dialed the number of the neighbor across the hall (another serial killer), “Hello, your food delivery has arrived. Can you please open the door and pick it up?”

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