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Su Yan is a cake shop owner with a cute and harmless appearance. Others praise her for her gentle personality, understanding nature, and her exquisite cake decorating skills. One day, due to an accident, she transmigrated into the role of Su Yanting, a supporting character in a period drama.

Su Yanting is a stunning village beauty. Her parents have arranged a good marriage for her with Zeng Yunjun, a promising military officer from a neighboring village. However, on the day of her wedding, she caused a scene, leading Zeng Yunjun to marry her younger sister, Su Yuting, who is the reincarnated female lead.

Zeng Yunjun’s decision to marry Su Yuting instead of Su Yanting infuriates her. Consumed by jealousy, she starts causing trouble and meddles in the relationship between Zeng Yunjun and Su Yuting. However, the more she interferes, the stronger the bond between the male and female leads becomes. Su Yanting becomes nothing more than a cannon fodder and stepping stone for the main characters’ relationship development, ultimately meeting a tragic end.

Su Yan becomes Su Yanting, transforming from a docile and innocent girl into a seductive troublemaker. While the right thing to do would be to stay away from the main characters and lead her own happy life, she can’t help but want to experience the allure of being a seductive troublemaker herself!

Admiring her fox-like beauty in the mirror, Su Yanting dresses up beautifully and accompanies Su Yuting to visit the male lead in the military area, not to win him back, but to disgust the male and female leads.

Su Yanting displays her charm in front of the male lead’s comrades, causing everyone to think, “The male lead must be blind.” Satisfied with herself, she intends to go back and wash away her seductive image. However, just because she flirted a little, she managed to capture the heart of a tough, iron-blooded man.

The male lead’s superior approaches her and says, “Comrade Su, would you consider being in a relationship with me?”

Su Yanting: “…”

Looking at the towering figure of the man, she wants to refuse, but she is timid and is not a genuine troublemaker, so she can’t bring herself to say no. She can’t muster the courage to refuse outright for fear of his anger, so she reluctantly agrees to consider it, using delaying tactics to buy time.

Initially agreeing to consider a relationship, Su Yanting tries various methods to drive the man away, hoping he’ll give up voluntarily. However, he refuses to give up. As Su Yanting becomes more and more enchanting, she inadvertently turns him into a notorious doting husband.


After Su Yuting is reborn, she successfully disrupts her elder sister’s marriage, and unexpectedly becomes the one Zeng Yunjun, her sister’s former husband, wants to marry.

She initially feels guilty, but her elder sister’s behavior becomes increasingly outrageous, pushing her towards her former brother-in-law…


“Su Yanting married someone else!”

“Brother-in-law unexpectedly regrets it!”

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