Be invincible at the beginning, starting from summoning Daji, the Empress Realm

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Story of: Be invincible at the beginning, starting from summoning Daji, the Empress Realm

Is it okay to click on the web mini-game to travel through time? Lu Chen, who traveled to another world, awakened the gods and demons in the sky… the power system, and summoned the Great Emperor Realm – Su Daji at the beginning! From now on, he begins the journey to defy the heavens and sets foot on the top of the heavens. Call! The Realm of the Venerable – Zhao Yun bravely champions the three armies. Call! Realm of the Great Emperor – Shen Gongbao, the leader of the scammers. Call! The Realm of the Divine Emperor——The First Emperor of Qin Yingzheng. Summon the most powerful people from all over the world to create an immortal force – Ziwei Imperial City. What the hell? Are you of Fire Phoenix bloodline? Sorry, my maid is a nine-turn divine phoenix body. What! This boy has the qualities of a great emperor! Okay, okay, my security guard is a Chaos Celestial Body, and it will blow up the heavens! Defeat thousands of great emperors… . The son of a certain emperor: Woo hoo hoo, my father is the Immortal Emperor, and his guard dogs are all Immortal Emperors. King of the Taikoo Clan: My clan launched a dark turmoil and cholera spread throughout the world, but as a result, his disciples were arrogant for eternity and attacked me and my clan didn’t know how to fight back. Lu Chen: Ziwei is the Emperor Star, and I, Ziwei Emperor City, am your boss, right? [Invincible at the beginning, it makes sense to have gods and demons following you! 】【Outrageous! Empress of the beginning, you told me that I am invincible] [Excessive! The guard dogs of this sect are all great emperors!

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