Battle Chess: I rely on Huaxia to destroy the gods!

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[Heroes Invincible] + [Global Mythical Knowledge + History] + [War Chess]

Opening his eyes, Qin Hao realized that he had time traveled!

In this world, war chess masters are respected.

Sakurajima Country, Hundred Ghosts Chess Path, Wild God Chess Path, Demon Spirit Master-Shikigami Chess Path, Warring States Hero Chess Path…

In the west, Thor, the god of thunder, led the Nordic gods to come, and the elves, dwarves, and undead came to the world. The Zodiac Palace is built on the top of the snow mountain. Julius Caesar regains control of his Roman Empire!

In Egypt, the pharaohs in the pyramids revived one by one, and the pharaoh Khufu came to the world with his own underworld army.

Whether it is the gods in mythology or the kings of the mortal world, they all came to this world.

Qin Hao discovered that all the war games in this world come from the myths and history of the previous life, but there is no record of any myths and history, and all war games are developed by himself.

But the Huaxia Chess Team is too complicated, and its development progress is far behind other Chinese Chess Teams, resulting in a continuous decline in status.

Qin Hao: “Huh? This is not what I want! ”

Since then…

[God Demon · Lu Bu] Wushuang came to the world, [Eternal Emperor · Ancestor Dragon · Ying Zheng] swept across the kingdoms, [Black Myth · Monkey King] smashed the demon god with a stick…

Many years later, Qin Hao stood in front of the Nordic gods, stepped on the giant gods, punched the Pharaoh, and said calmly: “Do you dare to enter China again? ”

… … .

Note: There is no history of previous lives in this world. If we insist on a fault, it means that all countries are faulted together. It’s not that the Huaxia family has a problem.

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