Back When My Wife Was a Teenager

Back When My Wife Was a Teenager
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When she was sixteen years old, Jiang Wan fell ill. When she was sober, she found that there were two more lines in the diary, which was undoubtedly her handwriting.

——My future wife is called Beihuai, she is very good, and I love her very much.

——Go to the thirteenth middle school, go to Xiaobei, accompany her and protect her.

Because of curiosity and unknown emotions, Jiang Wan transferred to Beihuai’s school.

On the first day of school, she ran into a few students who were going over the wall, dressed as a murderer, looking like bad students.

Noting her gaze, the girl leading the most eye-catching squinted inattentively, her voice in a haughty voice, and a bottomless coldness.

“What are you looking at?”

Jiang Wan lowered her eyelids, feeling the most unpleasant towards such unproactive students in her heart.

Before she could think about it, she saw the dean of education running from a distance, pointing at the girl, and shouting like a thunder: “Bei Huai, you get me back! You skipped class again and turned the wall!”

Jiang Wan: “…”

Wait, this name… seems familiar?


Beihuai is a bad girl who is difficult to discipline, everyone thinks so. No one taught her to be better, they just watched her fall into the abyss coldly, then she would sink into the abyss as they wished.

No one loves Beihuai.

But one day, the soft little girl hugged her and said seriously: “Don’t be afraid, Xiaobei, they don’t love you, I love you. In my heart, you are the best and the best.”

As far as Beihuai is concerned, Jiang Wan is the only color that appears in her barren life.

She is willing to take care of this color with her life.

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