Back in the 1970s, my yandere husband pampered her unbridledly

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Story of: Back in the 1970s, my yandere husband pampered her unbridledly

In her previous life, Zhuang Yan was used by a scumbag to steal her husband’s important information. As a result, she was killed by the scumbag. Her husband was also killed to save Zhuang Yan. In this life, she came back with tens of millions of supplies and domineering attitude, determined to pamper her husband to the heavens. Mu Feng is a master of scientific research and a genius in equipment. What’s more, he is Zhuang Yan’s ‘sick husband’. What is a disease? He is blind and lame. This is a disease. He is fine. His wife has cured him. What is coquettishness? You are weak in front of your daughter-in-law, but you are a boss in front of your enemies. Zhuang Yan has her own views on pampering her husband. Her mother-in-law said that a man should not be too pampered. What if he has children in the future? Zhuang Yan replied directly, I like to treat him well. A son is used to inherit the career, and a husband is used to pamper me. There is no conflict between the two. The mother-in-law sighed, yes, she is more doted on than her son, so how could there be any conflict. The roads in the countryside are not good, so we are afraid that my lame husband will fall, so we will build the roads and give him a cute pet to pull the cart, so he doesn’t have to walk when he goes out. The research institute is short of funds. As the richest man, how can Zhuang Yan let her husband have no money to use? Advanced equipment is sent to the research institute in trucks, and the funds are available as much as possible. Zhuang Yan is serious about doting on her husband. Mu Feng is also serious about competing for favor. He first competes with his wife’s cute pet, and then competes with his wife’s apprentice and his own son. He has never lost. Mu Feng firmly believes that as long as he can compete for favor, his wife will not care about anyone else.

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