Attribute panel: A little effort is the limit

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Story of: Attribute panel: A little effort is the limit

(Invincible + Dark Flow + Attribute Panel + Skill Upgrade + Ji Dao, no harem, no ink, no Holy Mother) The average attribute of a normal person is three points. And four points are the best among human beings. With four points of strength, you can become a weightlifting champion. With four points of physical strength, you can become an extreme athlete. With four points of agility, you can become a sprint champion. And with four points of intelligence, anyone admitted to a key prestigious school will definitely be considered a genius. So… what about five o’clock? With five points of strength, he can tear the tiger and leopard apart with his hands. Five points of physical strength, racing with horses, diving with fishes. Five points of agility, running like a leopard and agile as an eagle. Five points of intelligence, standing at the top of human IQ, can promote the development of human society. It can be said that reaching five points is the limit of human life. But… what if it reaches ten? Chen Hongyu can come up with the answer. Ten points of physical strength, ever-changing, never aging, always maintaining energy, controlling muscles at will, you can even transform into an animal. With ten points of strength, every muscle fiber in your body is a creation of God. If expanded, the muscles of a small human body would even be enough to fill a football field. With ten points of agility, your reactions are faster than a computer, your speed is faster than a fighter jet, and no living thing can sense your actions. With ten points of intelligence, you can forget your feelings, become an immortal, and you can easily analyze everything in the world. Even if you face the ancient gods directly, you will not be able to have the slightest impact. You can already be called a god…

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