At thirty, awaken the daily intelligence system

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30 years old, this is what people call the age of success.

At this age, some people are brilliant and lively, while others are lonely and gloomy, living on a rope bed and a tile stove.

Lin Mo belongs to the latter. At the age of 30, he is still a porter making money by doing hard work.

My daughter was bullied by a male classmate at school. The school chose to turn a blind eye because his family was well-off. His pregnant wife secretly went to work in the supermarket without telling him to supplement the family income.

Looking at his wife next to him and his daughter sleeping soundly on the crib, Lin Mo couldn’t sleep, feeling aggrieved to the point of crying. Although he had worked hard every day to the point where he couldn’t stand up straight, he still couldn’t change the current situation of his embarrassing life.

However, at this moment, the daily intelligence system suddenly awakened.

[Daily information has been updated]

[1. Neighbor Wang Youcai secretly used his pension to reward 1 yuan in a beauty live broadcast room without telling his wife, using the nickname: Brother Wuji. 】

[2. The police will conduct a surprise inspection of Hong Romantic Foot Bath at 12 o’clock tonight. 】

[3. The Hoopoe will launch a ground attack on Hamas in three days. 】

[4. The pet dog was lost in Room 5, Unit 1, Building 1402, Diyuan Community. The dog owner Li Xiaoru offered a reward of [-] yuan to find the dog. 】

[5. Li Xiaoru’s lost pet dog was trapped in the sewer of Development Road. 】

【6… 】

At first, Lin Mo just wanted to make some money through this system and improve his miserable life.

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