At the Noble Consort’s Feet


Li Zhi was reborn as a curse, destined to bring ruin to an empire already in decline.

At the age of fifteen, her ethereal beauty caught the attention of Prince Rui, who fell in love at first sight, and beseeched the Empress Dowager to arrange a union between them.

At the age of sixteen, Li Zhi’s unparalleled allure captivated the heart of the reigning Emperor, who resorted to abominable tactics to abduct her as his own concubine and keep her hidden away in a gilded palace.

With the Emperor’s favor, she rose to the position of a highly sought-after Noble Consort that was envied by all.

Only she knew…

In three years’ time, the Emperor and Prince Rui would turn against each other, and their once great empire would be ravaged by war.

As they fled, a formidable army of one hundred thousand soldiers stood in their way, pleading with the Emperor to order the execution of the treacherous Noble Consort. The Emperor could not bear to see her suffer such a fate, yet in the end, he offered her a three-foot length of white silk. Without hesitation, Li Zhi turned to Pei Ji and flung herself into his protective embrace.

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