As Someone From The Space Department, It’S Normal To Take The Lead In Running Away!

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[Double heroines (wrong label) + spiritual energy recovery + superpowers + space system + dog]

As you can see, I traveled through time.

While bidding farewell to my little brother, I was also shocked to find out that my last name was Ye!

No wonder I am an orphan, and I came from time travel. Maybe I am the son of destiny, born to resist relatives!

In a world where superpowers are everywhere, I don’t have any golden fingers, and my last name is Ye…

I thought to myself, this is okay!

He quickly changed his last name to Ye, and deliberately failed in junior high school, enrolling in the most trashy Lingwu Junior High School. He originally wanted to spend his life quietly studying for a clerical job.

But in the first year of junior high school when I awakened my powers, I actually awakened the rare space system!

Although the potential is only C+, it has attracted nationwide attention!

The most important thing is that on the second day after I awakened my powers, the sister I met at the orphanage suddenly told me that her last name was Ye…

It’s over, how do you want me to save you this time?

[Ding—The host’s strong desire to have sex has been detected, and the desire lottery system is being activated—]

Listening to the voice in my head, I was instantly stunned!

Goldfinger! Thighs! !

Just when I thought I could be invincible in the world, I found that all the superpowers in this class had rebelled!

Those who know how to refine medicine can forget it, and those who mess with the technology tree can tolerate it…

But why is there still one who can cultivate immortality!

I have no choice but to survive in this dangerous world…

Ye Nan said: I am no longer a human being!

Thus, a story about the growth of Lao Liu begins…

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