As a programmer, I also want to make games in a different world

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【The Fourth Natural Disaster】【Farming】【Su Qing】【Funny】

I, Su Mu, was a programmer during my lifetime.

Traveled to another world on a late-night post and became a sage of the Dumfries Empire.

Perhaps because of my work in my previous life, alien magic became C+ code in my eyes.

I can change the effect of spellcasting by tampering with the magic code.

It coincided with the troubled times, and the demon king led the monsters to oppress the land. There were only three cities left in the empire, and the human race was at stake.

Fortunately, the emperor sent an ancient magic scroll, allowing me to summon the brave to deal with the crisis.

“Since you want to summon brave men, why don’t you call out a few more? ”


When the summoning of the brave combined with C+ to modify the magic code, a 100% real fantasy game gradually took shape.

“I can experience life in another world without a dump truck, I’m blown away! ”

“Elves, orcs, vampires… I am the one who is determined to collect all the illustrated books of race girls! ”

“When I was young, I always wanted to use the sword to conquer the world, but when I grew up, I realized that I can also hold an AK! Monsters, food defense! ”

Looking at the brave warriors in different shapes and not serious, the Demon King almost died suddenly on the spot.

“Isn’t it only possible to summon one person? Why are all the heroes! ”

This is different from what is recorded in the history books of the Demon Race!

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