An S-class Adventurer, Banished as the Tank of the Party, Uses His “S*ave Release” Skill To Build the Strongest Country in History!

An S-class Adventurer, Banished as the Tank of the Party, Uses His “S*ave Release” Skill To Build the Strongest Country in History!
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I became an S-class adventurer with my childhood friends, using the strength that I’m proud of to attract enemies and have my friends defeat them in the meantime, continuing to play the so-called “tank” role.

I was a paladin, a job specializing in protecting my companions, but perhaps because everyone was protected by me, they did not learn any defense or evasion skills, but only improved their attack skills.

In such a situation, they forgot that they are protected by my skills, and they fired me …… Wait, I don’t care what happens, okay!? Even though your natural defensive power are as good as paper.

But since I had been through a terrible time on my way up to become an S-class adventurer, I decided to take it easy for once and went to the Adventurers’ Guild to accept a request for a relaxing day alone.

I was told that they had tried to cultivate the land in the past, but the monsters that appeared were so strong that all the farmers had run away, so the vast land would be given as a reward to anyone who succeeds. they were rewarded with a large tract of land.

When I went there after being told that “Alex, an S-class adventurer, would be fine!” …… I found that there was not even a village or a house around it, and it’s beyond of what you call the countryside, because it was a land inhabited by monsters.

The land was deserted, with farming tools left unattended, and there was a monster that I had never seen before, and when I managed to defeat it, I acquired the “s*ave Release” skill.

I was told that if I used this skill, it would summon one person of the opposite sex, who is ens*aved somewhere in the world, to me.

I thought it would be better for the world if I used this skill, and I activated it immediately, and a beautiful elf girl appeared.

After that, a girl with architecture skill, a princess from a foreign country who was a prisoner …… and I kept freeing people who were ens*aved, and before I knew it, a country was formed and I was treated like a king.

We received a special award in the Otherworldly Fantasy category at Kakuyomukon 6!

≪With the decision to publish a book, the old title “No need for a tank role! I was banished from the S-class party even though I helped my paper defense friends, but I was given the «s*ave Release» skill in the undeveloped land, and while being loved by the beautiful girls who helped me … the strongest country in history was made. The title has been changed.≫

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