An internet sensation!Tuan pet baby ginseng three and a half years old

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[Cute group pet + metaphysics + entertainment industry + relaxed and funny! 】

The three-and-a-half-year-old Ginseng Jing Suisui, who was determined to ascend to immortality, accidentally learned that her family was about to suffer a great disaster——

The top three brother committed suicide by jumping off a cliff due to Internet violence;

The boss’s eldest brother was in a vegetative state due to an accident;

The genius second sister turned against her father, who turned gray overnight;

The richest man’s grandmother suffered a stroke and was paralyzed due to a severe blow. The professor’s grandfather gave up his career to take care of her.

In order to change their fate, Suisui decisively took the dog out of the mountain!


The third brother who is the most popular person on the Internet has become famous!

Boss boss is awake!

The genius second sister has come back with scientific research results to bring glory to the country!

The richest man’s grandma avoids the schemes of her relatives, and the professor’s grandpa can hunt for treasure again!

And my father was reunited with my mother who had been missing for many years!

As a small ginseng that is extremely lucky, pandas and South China tigers are competing to stick to each other, which is really top-notch…

Sui Sui has become a national favorite in variety shows and has become a hit all over the Internet!

By the way, he is thriving in the world of metaphysics!


On his tenth birthday, Wenchi accidentally killed his sister who was still in her mother’s womb.

The mother disappeared, the father became cold and depressed, the brother and sister left for a foreign country, and the originally happy family fell apart.

After growing up, Wenchi debuted and became a top star with tens of millions of fans.

However, he fell from the peak to the bottom and suffered a nationwide cyberattack.

Being pessimistic and world-weary, he decided to end this guilty life after recording the variety show.

As a result, he met his long-dead sister in this variety show – the three-and-a-half-year-old little ginseng spirit Suisui!

Keywords of the novel: Become famous all over the Internet! The group’s favorite little ginseng is three and a half years old and has no pop-ups, becoming an instant hit across the internet! Download the full txt version of “Ginseng Three and a Half Years Old”, the group’s favorite, and it has become a hit all over the Internet! Read the latest chapter of Tuan Chong Little Ginseng Three and a Half Years Old.

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