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In a cosmic twist of fate, Su Yao finds himself thrust into the heart of the Marvel universe, awakening as a mutant within the confines of an experimental base. As the reality of his situation sinks in, panic courses through his veins like a turbulent river.

Yet, just as despair threatens to engulf him, a dormant power within him sparks to life at the crucial moment – the mutant ability of ‘imitation.’ Su Yao can now mimic the abilities of those around him, a gift that could either be his salvation or his downfall.

With a heart pounding with uncertainty, Su Yao tentatively experiments with his newfound powers. His first imitation takes the form of Orochi, the Sun God and Will of the Earth. The sensation is both exhilarating and overwhelming as he grapples with the immense power at his disposal.

As he delves deeper into his abilities, Su Yao’s next imitations include Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, and even the enigmatic Sun God himself. Each mimicry unlocks a fraction of their incredible powers, leaving Su Yao in awe of the vast potential within him.

However, the elation is short-lived as Su Yao discovers the harsh reality of his situation. His mutant abilities come at a cost – a ticking clock counting down his remaining days. With a mere 83 days left to live, Su Yao is faced with a race against time to understand and master his powers.

In the larger Marvel universe, ripples of Su Yao’s existence reach the ears of formidable figures. Professor X, Magneto, Thor, and even the mischievous Loki become aware of this unexpected mutant with a lifespan hanging by a thread. Their reactions vary from urgency to familial surprise, setting the stage for an unpredictable journey where Su Yao’s destiny becomes intertwined with the fate of the Marvel multiverse.

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