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Qi Yu woke up from a nap and found himself in a world completely different from his own.

And he became a male zerg!

Qi Yu: Great, I can slack off now.

However, within three days of his transmigration, the Zerg race’s main brain system assigned him a mate.

Qi. Non-Marriage Advocate. Yu: Don’t want to eat soft rice, okay?

It’s impossible to eat soft rice with a hard mouth, and as for marital life, don’t even think about it. Qi Yu intends to have a good talk with his newly appointed female monarch, preferably reaching an agreement for a harmonious separation.

However, the more they talked, the redder the female monarch’s face became, and his gaze grew increasingly shy and hesitant.

Qi Yu: “…”

Later, as he looked at the female monarch lying beside him, Qi Yu sighed deeply in his heart, really fragrant!

Mo Yan is the general of the zerg race, known as the walking female zerg template.

At all times, he single-mindedly follows the rules of the female zerg until one day, General Moyan is matched by the main brain to a male zerg.

Then, the template is gone.

Before the match: “Look at General Moyan, that’s how a female zerg should behave. If you can be like him, why worry about male zergs not liking you?”

Just after the match: “What’s the use of being a female zerg template? Isn’t it just matched to a C grade? S grade matches C grade, and that’s it for a lifetime.”

After the couple appeared: “Don’t imitate General Moyan. The rules of female zergs and female rulers have been learned by dogs. Which male zerg doesn’t have a bunch of female zergs? He’s something else, actually monopolizing his own male master.”

Due to his laziness in assessing levels, the S-class male Que Yu has consistently maintained his rank at C-level, prompting him to question: “??? The art of changing faces?”

Mo Yan always thought that his own lord simply didn’t care about him, until one day when he encountered danger, he watched silently as that familiar figure emerged from the fire.

Mo Yan: I thought my lord at home had a tough mouth but a soft heart, but unexpectedly, he’s actually a big shot.

[In order to maintain a leisurely life as a salted fish, the ability-powered big shot who struggles hard to earn star coins, Qi Yu] × [Gentle on the outside, but explosively possessive on the inside, Mo Yan]

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